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We love all things that float and we're committed to ensuring that your pride and joy is treated to the quality of service it deserves



Marine Creations is a second-generation family-owned boat service and retail centre conveniently located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We service, maintain and repair all brands of outboards, sterndrives, inboards and jetskis. We also specialise in modernising older hulls and creating custom fit-ups and one-off installations. 

Marine Creations Family Business.jpg
Marine Creations...keeping it in the family
Marine Creations Meet The Team

Marine Creations was established in 2004 with the singular goal of providing the highest level of service and value to Melbourne boaters. For over 15 years we've specialized in the servicing and fit up of all brands of boats, PWC's and marine engines within Victoria. We're a multi-skilled service centre that caters to a broad range of boating needs including repairs, major and minor servicing, spare parts, marine electronics, fishing accessories and complete fit-ups as well as new boat trailer sales and pre-purchase inspections. 

Marine Creations Workshop and Showroom
Marine Creations new workshop and showroom in Melbourne's South East

When George Ploudias and sons, Theo and Andrew, opened the doors of Marine Creations in 2004, our intent was clear. A boating and fishing family, we loved the freedom of being out on the open water. We also appreciate the isolation and potentially hazardous conditions that are often prevalent on our home waters of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port.


Trained technicians and mechanics, we’ve always serviced and maintained our own gear. Regular maintenance ensured reliable operation of our boats, motors and trailers allowing us to focus on fishing or cruising with our families, confident our boats would go the distance...we also noticed that many other boating families weren’t. Many struggled with boats that wouldn’t start, trailers that weren’t matched to the hulls and gear that was outdated or in need of maintenance. Even when they finally got on the water, the nervousness and lack of confidence in their boats were etched on the faces of the crew.

For the last 15 years we’ve provided confidence to Melbourne boaters. Confidence that their motors would start. Confidence that their hulls were sound. Confidence that their trailers would get them to and from the ramp. Confidence that their electronics and gear would function as intended. Confidence that their crew were safe.


Image by Nathan Lindahl
Marine Creations gives you the confidence your boat will go the distance

Marine Creations is built on a foundation of quality. Quality people providing quality services, using quality products to create a high quality boating experience. The consultative approach and almost obsessive attention to details allows Marine Creations to maintain all components of your boat or hand craft unique solutions, regardless of its brand or vintage. Professionals in power boat services, we also have the knowledge and skills to create anything.


Marine Creations is highly regarded not only by its customers but also boat manufacturers who rely upon our services to complement their own. We install, modify and repair to factory spec both local and imported brands.


Our business runs on the satisfaction of our customers. Referrals and personal endorsements has seen us grow into one of the busiest marine service centres in Melbourne and our ability to create customised solutions for demanding customers and situations is second to none.

"Professionals in Power Boat Services with Knowledge and Skills to Create anything"

Marine Creations...we stand by everything we create!

Nothing is more satisfying than positive feedback from our customers after providing them with one of our services. Hearing about how the depth sounder we recommended for the customers boat was exactly what they needed or how the engine has never run so well is the very reason we open our doors every day.

Marine Creations is proudly Australian Family owned and operated, with over 40 years collective experience to ensure your power boat is serviced and maintained to the highest quality standards.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our services today  or click on the links below for more information.



I've been around boats all my life and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to breathe new life into an older boat that's been in  someone's family for generations.


"Service" is not  only something we do, it's the guiding principle that's shaped the business ever since Dad first started Marine Ceations over 10 years ago! 


I like getting my hands dirty so our customer's don't have to. I've owned and re-built countless hulls  and engines and  treat every boat as if it's my own.


The first voice you hear when you're making an enquiry and the last one you'll hear if you don't pay your bills on time. Lisa is the real engine that keeps Marine Creations running!


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