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Don't throw your money away on a dud used boat, motor or trailer.

Buying a used boat, motor or trailer could be one of the best experiences in your boating life...or it could be a never ending nightmare that could test relationships and ruin friendships. Trust us, we've been there. Investing in a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection before you hand over the cash could not only help you avoid a costly mistake, but could potentially save the lives of you and you crew.

A Marine Creations pre-purchase inspection and condition report should precede ANY used boat purchase.

The Marine Creations team is made up of a team of dedicated family boaters. We appreciate a bargain as much as the next boatie, and we get the emotional roller-coaster you get on when you think you've finally found THE ONE. You may have found it while browsing on-line or perhaps you drove past the perfect fixer-upperer parked on the side of the road with a big "Buy Me" sign on the windscreen. Or perhaps one of your mates offered you a sweet deal that he was thinking of trading.


As hard as it might be, buying a boat should be done with a cool head - emotions should stay out of it. Marine Creations offer a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection and Condition Report that covers all aspects the apple of your boating eye. We scratch below the surface - literally in some cases - to uncover whether it's a gem, a diamond in the rough...or just rough! We don't just inspect the obvious like compression tests on engines, seized or worn components or structural defects, we also inspect the trailer (if applicable) wiring, batteries, hull integrity and more.


You'll know what and how much that dream boat might cost you to bring it back to sea-worthy condition or whether to run away from it as fast as you can. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision as whether to hit the go button or not.

A pre-purchase inspection can reveal what lurks beneath that new coat of paint!

A Marine Creations Pre-Purchase Inspection and Condition Report is a comprehensive service that provides you with all the information you need to complete a purchase, re-negotiate a deal or reconsider your options.

We inspect and report on:

  • Hull integrity

  • Water ingress (in the case of fibreglass boats or alloy boats with timber floors)

  • Fuel tank integrity

  • Cracks, chips and scuffs

  • Corrosion, rust and electrolysis

  • Sealing and leaks

  • Wiring and electrical issues including lights and correct earthing 

  • Battery condition

  • Accessories installed

  • Comprehensive trailer report (if applicable) - brakes, bearings, frame, etc

  • Engine wear and serviceability (a must for any older or suspect engine)

  • Component compatibility - is the engine over or under rated for the boat and is the trailer up to spec

  • Steering systems

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Marine Creations can help prevent you ending on the wrong side of a tow rope.

Marine Creations takes its responsibility to its customers very seriously. We are a technically experienced team of mechanics who are proficient in diagnosing a host of existing and potential boating issues to ensure you and your crew can boat with confidence. If you're considering purchasing a privately-owned boat or PWC or if you're just not confident your dealer is entirely above board, then engage Marine Creations to make sure all the boxes are ticked. Give us a call on 03 5995 4828 or hit the booking button below to schedule a callback to discuss your boating needs.

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